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What if I drew you a line?

Make it two, three, four

Go inside

Do feel safe in this form of your mind

Your paradigm

But what if I gave you a fifth

Would you play around with it?

Move it, show it, hide it, raise it, fight it?

Do feel tempted

Change your frame of mind

Your mental shift

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"I am fascinated by change. I am kind of afraid of it, I like things the way I am used to. Nothing's more frightening than the unknown, but in order to grow and connect I need to go there and explore it. Growth means there's movement, change. And I have to evolve to be able to stay connected to myself and the world I am part of."

On her first EP PARADIGM I, Amsterdam-based Anna Sylvia shares some of her distinguished moments of change. The lyrics are a mix of personal stories and philosophical reflections that impacted her way of looking at herself and the world. Combined with her clear vocals, electronic textures and synth-heavy beats, PARADIGM I resulted in sparse electronic alternative pop music. Down to earth yet sometimes trippy.

"I hope to inspire people to look further than the known. To explore different perspectives and be aware of unexpected possibilities. This inevitably leads to change. Whether it's the way you treat yourself, others or the planet. Change is my way to stay connected." 

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Tel.: +31 6 38188612

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